Monday, May 6, 2013

Live Tweeting the Derby? Why not!

by Carly Silver

If, like me, you weren't able to make the trip to Louisville for the 2013 Kentucky Derby, you probably kept up with the latest Derby developments via NBC Sports' coverage-and social media. Guests Tweeted out pictures of the most outrageous hats and complained about the rainy weather, while those watching from home observed reporters' comments and cheered on the favorites.

Is it a negative to live-Tweet the Derby coverage? Yes and no. If you're fortunate enough to be in attendance, don't focus on your smart phone. Soak in the atmosphere of the race, the track, the people. It's a once-a-year occasion that you should appreciate being able to attend. Don't bother Tweeting pictures of the crowd--it's not that important. I can only hope that no one tried to live-Tweet that actual race.

If you're at home, then I advise that you go wild on the comments. After all, what are you going to miss--one minute of NBC interviewing Todd Pletcher? For example, Catherine Toner ( posted witty observations on the NBC coverage. When noting how little the NBC sportscasters chatted about Wise Dan, the 2012 Horse of the Year, triumphing in the Woodford Reserve Turf Classic, Toner wrote, "NBC recap: Some horse won a race, Dan something. The little man riding him looked happy, but he wasn't Rosie, so who cares." She commented on TVG's remark that Mylute would get the "housewives' vote" because of his female rider, Rosie Napravnik. As usual, it's left up to the astute viewer to note the reporters' idiotic remarks and/or glaring omissions.

Kevin Martin (, contributor to, also kept the commentary lively. He reflected that, if the networks were going to broadcast funny "fluff" pieces, they should bring on more humorous commentators to deliver the material. Echoing Toner, Martin opined, "Attention ?@NBCSports?? - The Horse of the Year is about to run and you haven't said s**t about it. Are you f'n kidding me!?!?!?!"

Celebrities took to Twitter to broadcast their hats. TV personality and lawyer Star Jones ( boasted about her lovely hat. Country star Miranda Lambert ( posted a charming picture of her in a yellow fascinator, while model Coco Rocha ( covered Derby fashion for NBC-and chatted about her Philip Treacy hat.

Here are a few other fun notes from Derby Day:

Kentuckian Brad Broaddus ( quipped, "The Kentucky Derby is an 8 hour buildup to a 2 minute performance. Now I know how my wife feels."

Open Road Media's Iris Blasi ( dished on her family's betting habits: " 'You don't happen to know a bookie, do you?' -My mom, exactly one minute before the Kentucky Derby."

Keith Hawkins ( downed a few too many mint juleps:

"Dear Liver,

Sorry about this weekend.




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