Monday, May 16, 2011

From the Finish Line to the Start Box: Thoroughbreds at Jersey Fresh

-- Sarah Andrew

Monmouth County, New Jersey is the home of many excellent equine events, including the Jersey Fresh Three-Day Event, held at the Horse Park of New Jersey in Allentown.

For those who are not familiar with the sport, eventing is comprised of three phases.

Phase One of eventing is dressage, a test of strength, balance, and discipline for horses and riders.

Phase Two is cross country, which highlights the heart, speed, and endurance of the teams.

Phase Three is stadium jumping, which requires precision, accuracy, and rateability.

This weekend at Jersey Fresh, I photographed top-caliber riders, some of whom compete at an Olympic level. The horses were also tremendous athletes, and for some of them, this was not their first career. Here are a few of the two- and three-star Thoroughbreds from Jersey Fresh 2011 who were racehorses before finding their second career:

©2011 Sarah Andrew
Vaunted, ridden by Ashley Adams: Two Punch - First Quad. Lifetime 2-0-0-0 Earnings $0

©2011 Sarah Andrew

Mensa, ridden by Andrea Leatherman: Colonial Affair - Fire the Secretary. Lifetime 40-5-7-4 Earnings $92,901

 Buckingham Place, ridden by Amanda Silver: Buckaroo - Old Maid. Lifetime 40-4-3-4 Earnings $23,298

Here's To You, ridden by Emily Beshear: Will's Way - China Sky. Lifetime 3-0-0-1 Earnings $1,290

High Finance, ridden by Melissa Miller: Peruvian - Centerfold Rebe. Lifetime 39-2-3-4 Earnings $35,549

 Sea Lion, ridden by Pam Fisher: Sea Salute - Ivory Today. Lifetime 12-1-2-4 Earnings $63,360

Loki, ridden by Jeff Kibbie: River Quest- Bea Gifted. Lifetime 11-0-0-0 Earnings $746

For more information about this sport, visit the United States Eventing Association website.


Anonymous said...

LOVE picture #2. How do they jump that high,but yet so long? AMAZING!

Jonathan said...

Great shots!

ann said...

AND young Lauren Lambert and Baba Creek CIC***
Ann Banks

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see an auction house save in here...I'm sure they are out there. As usual Sarah, AWESOME photos!
Donna Bunkley

Anonymous said...

OTTB's are some of the greatest horses. I have a 13 year old mare that I got last August. She is a wonderful horse! I'm hooked on the OTTB's now.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, they tell an awesome story of the OTTB potential.

Anonymous said...

I was at Jersey Fresh on Saturday and Sunday and saw the two star cross country and the three star stadium jumping. Both were spectacular. My only disappointment was in the event organizers...they did not make this event spectator friendly. The held the stadium jumping in a ring where there was NO seating. The pedestrian areas at the cross country course was NOT well marked and were NOT very large. Some will say it doesn't matter because there were not many spectators anyway. I agree that there was a disappointing turnout but I think the low turnout was because of the lack of accommodations for spectators. The word gets out amoungst the local horsey set, ya know. The event needs more promotion, more vendors, more food choices, and seating for spectators. Charge admission if that's what it takes...the horsey set will turn out!

Checkmark115 said...

OTTBs are the best horses. I have one now, turned eventer, and I plan on adopting another when I graduate college :) Lovely pics